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Speak With Power

Jun 30, 2022

Are you always aware of your listener's reaction when you deliver a speech?

Social awareness is another area of Emotional Intelligence that will help you be a powerful speaker.

There are ways to develop this skill. Tune in to learn my three tips.

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Jun 27, 2022

Developing your voice is a must for every speaker.

In this episode, Lauri Smith shared several exercises to make sure your voice is strong and your message is heard.

We talked about the balance between performance and authentic speaking, and how to use your unique voice and always be present.

Lauri Smith is an intuitive...

Jun 24, 2022

How mentally fit are you, my friend?

Do you have enough mental strength to deal with challenges in your life? 

Darcy Luoma teaches us her proven strategies for mental fitness.

Darcy is the author of Thoughtfully FitĀ®, and a highly sought-after coach and consultant.

She has worked with more than five hundred...

Jun 24, 2022

The first component or competency of Emotional Intelligence is Self-Awareness. 

It's the foundation of everything. Without knowing yourself and your own emotions you can't learn to manage them.

Tune in to find out my three tips on how to develop this skill. 

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Jun 20, 2022

Do you ever feel stuck when writing a speech? Not sure what structure to use?

Tune in to this fantastic interview with Eddie Rice, jam-packed with practical advice and ideas. 

Eddie is a speechwriter and author of Toast: Short Speeches, Big Impact. 

He is a public speaking coach with 10 years of experience in the field....