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Speak With Power

Jul 31, 2021

Do you know how to speak with your customers so that they come back to you and bring all their friends?

Guess what, it's not enough to just WOW your customers. There's more. 

Dr. Kelly Henry is the "Business Growth Doctor”. He's been a chiropractor for 20 years. With a constant focus on providing exceptional customer...

Jul 29, 2021

When people hear me speak, they often ask me where I get so much energy. 

In this episode, I'm sharing 5 tips to always stay energetic. Tune in and let me know which tip resonated with you the most.

You can find me on FB, IG, and LI. Message me if you have a question or would like to book a call. 

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Jul 24, 2021

Do you plan to expand your business internationally? Or do you already have clients and partners from various countries? 

It means developing cultural intelligence is a MUST.

Dive into this episode and learn from Shabih how to act right in different cultures and what's needed to develop this skill.

Dr. Shabih Zaidi is...

Jul 21, 2021

Have you ever heard a nervous speaker delivering a presentation with a trembling voice? Did you notice how they fight for breath sometimes? 

If you want to speak with power and persuasion, apply these three easy tips. 

That’s what I’ve been doing to make sure I’m never out of breath when speaking.

Would you like...

Jul 17, 2021

Do you know what keeps you stuck in the same situation? Ready to get out of it? 

Leigh is sharing with us her magic 4C’s - four reasons we stay stuck and four ways to change it.

Leigh Huxley is a Spiritual Life Coach. She had a Skin Care business for 13 & a half years and nearly burnt herself out due to...