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Speak With Power

Jan 28, 2021

Want to learn Renee's secrets on how to write your dream book, turn your fear into energy, and connect with your audience on camera? 

Tune in. This is a powerful episode about a new business era that brings new collaboration and connection opportunities. 

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Jan 26, 2021

Get my three tips on how to speak with confidence and power. You'll learn three P's, three easy steps to confident speaking. They're so easy that you'll be able to implement them the next time you speak to your audience. 

Jan 9, 2021

"There's no rejection,"  she said,  "there's only divine protection." Join our heartfelt conversation about the importance of speaking up even if you fear rejection. You'll learn why rejection can be good, and in which cases we call it divine protection. You'll also know how to overcome this fear when selling your...