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Speak With Power

Oct 27, 2021

Have you ever been in an awkward situation when someone asks you a question and you don't have the answer?

You have nothing to say. Your mind goes blank. Fear of failure starts crawling in.

I've got three solutions for you in this episode.

And if you want to learn more, message me on SM or book a FREE Strategy call.

Oct 24, 2021

In this beautiful episode, you're getting a free coaching session. Dr. Marissa takes you through a process of self-acceptance and learning how to be 88% happy. 

Why 88%? You've got to listen to find out. 

Dr. Marissa is an organizational psychologist, speaking and consulting all over the world motivating individuals...

Oct 20, 2021

Did you know YOUR energy is unique when you speak? 

You may be an introverted people and think you don't have enough energy. YOU DO! It's just different. 

But you've got to know how to harness it.

I'm sharing my 3 D's in this episode on how to tap into your unique energy and speak with it! 

If you'd like to learn more,...

Oct 17, 2021

We all have our challenges in life and business. 

In this new episode, Michaela is sharing how to overcome your tribulations and build resilience.

You'll learn from a professional writer how to tap into your creativity and make sure you never have writer's block.

Michaela is a multi-published author. She has a most...

Oct 14, 2021

Vulnerability is super important in speaking. It's powerful and connecting us to our audience. 

Tune in to learn 3 principles of how to be vulnerable when speaking without making your audience cringe. 

If you'd like to become a powerful speaker to market your services with confidence, clarity and conviction, book a...