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Speak With Power

Dec 5, 2022

WORDS have POWER! We're all aware of that. 

But do you know how to wield this power? Do you know how to communicate with impact in every life and business situation? 

Tune in to my conversation with Katja Schleicher and you'll learn:

  • Why words are so fascinating 
  • How they can impact people’s lives
  • How to use words correctly in the right consequences
  • How to be aware of various cultures and sub-cultures when communicating
  • How to understand people from different cultures
  • How to communicate through storytelling

Katja Schleicher is a sought after Communication Trainer and Coach.

She studied linguistics and psychology. After a long career in PR, advertising, TV, and corporate communications for high-tech companies, she has been on the road for nearly 2 decades.

As a trainer, consultant & coach, she sheds light on the intercultural communication shallows and misunderstandings worldwide.

Connect with her here: