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Speak With Power

Dec 2, 2022

Can you call yourself an ELOQUENT speaker? And what does it even mean?

Should we use long beautiful words and myriads of synonyms? 

Tune into my conversation with Roberta Ndlela and you'll know the answer. You will learn:

  • How to read the room
  • How to engage the audience 
  • How to get better at being spontaneous
  • Why soft skills are crucial for everyone
  • How to be an eloquent speaker
  • Mistakes people make when speaking
Roberta Ndlela is a public speaking coach and keynote speaker.
15 years of corporate experience working with engineers opened her eyes to how those with better communication / soft skills got promotions.
She runs the Eloquent Speakers Club on Facebook where she freely shares public speaking and leadership tips.
Connect with Roberta:
IG - coachandspeaker;
Facebook Group - Eloquent Speakers Club